My River/My Journey

My River/My Journey

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Kundalini Sangha

Benefits of Chakra Kundalini Sangha Yoga will be presented at the Open Yoga studio on Water Street by Yoga Caps on the following dates:

March 23 - Ajna Chakra
Apri27 -  Mooladhara Chakra
May 25 - Swadhisthana Chakra
June 22 - Manipura Chakra
July 27 - Anahata Chakra
August 24 - Vishuddi Chakra
September 28 - Bindu
October 26 - Sahasrara, Aura & Integration
November 23 - Closing integration ceremony & moving forward

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Chakras

There are Seven Major Chakras.  These are the energy centers of the body.

First Chakra:  Root Chakra
Situated at the end of the spine. It's color is red.

Second Chakra: Creative Chakra
Situated in the pelvis or womb area.  It's color is Orange.

Third Chakra: Personal Power Chakra
Situated just under the ribs and just above the belly  button.  It's color is Yellow.

Fourth Chakra:  Heart Energy Chakra (Compassion)
Situated in the rib cage.  Associated with the Heart.  It's color is green or pink.

Third Chakra:  Communication Chakra
Situated at the throat.  It's color is Blue.

Sixth Chakra:  The Third Eye (Intuition and Wisdom)
Situated at the center of the forehead between the eyes.  It's color is Indigo.

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra (Sprituality/Sense of Oneness with the Divine)
Situated at the energy center just above the crown.  It's color is Lavender.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Books and Sources for Understanding Meditation

Books and other Sources

·      Armstron, Karen.  A History of God
·      Bruyere, Roslyn L.  Wheels of Light:  Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body
·      Currivan, Jude, Ph.D.  The 8th Chakra
·      Forem, Jack and Ellen Erwin.  What The Bleep Do We Know!?
·      Hifler, Joyce. A Cherokee Feast of Days:  Daily Meditations
·      Katafiasz, KarenSelf-esteem Therapy
·      Kornfield, Jack.  Teachings of the Buddha
·      Lerner, Rokelle.  Daily Affirmations For Children of Alcoholics
·      Meadows, Kenneth.  Shamanic Experience
·      Pagels, Elaine.  The Gnostic Gospels
·      Starbird, Margaret.  The Woman with the Alabaster Jar
·      Towler, Solala.  Tao Paths:  Long Life
·      Gerffert-Hirten, NY Publishers.  Novena to St. Francis
·      Prayer by St. FrancisCanticle of the Creatures
·      Walker, Barbara G.  The Woman’s Encyclopedia  of Myths and Secrets


· by Larry Angus Newsletter
·       Also his book, “The Hidden Message of Jesus:  The Gnostic Gospels: Seekers of God.”

·       263 Art Gallery is located at 263 Main street in Nashua,NH

·       Nashua Senior Activity Center
·       70 Temple St.
·       Nashua, NH  03060
·       (603) 889 – 6155

·       Julian Santini, Meditation Practicioner and my instructor at:
·       40 South River Road
·       Bedford, NH

·       Sage Art Gallery and Metaphysical Meeting Place
·       70 Lowell Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 626-SAGE (7243)

·       LINKS

·       Patricia L. Steiner, my web sites
·       email:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Intuitive Power - WHAT IS IT?

Intuitive Power: is the body’s internal guide helping us to make decisions -  IF WE PAY ATTENTION!  It is the subconscious feeling that tells us instantaneously whether we like or dislike someone. We need to learn to trust this instinct .  We need to ask ourselves quietly, where did that feeling come from?  What exactly is that feeling?  This is an ancient, inner sense that is largely undeveloped in the material, modern world.
            Suggested Exercise:  Come home, and write up exactly how you Feel about someone you just met.  You already have a subconscious file on this person  in your head.  Don’t use logic.  Just your knee jerk gut feeling.  Then let a little time go by and OBSERVE the person and see if your initial reaction is correct.  Write this down and remember the feeling of your own acceptance.  When something else occurs listen to your inner Higher Self and recognize this feeling as your TRUTH -  Your TRUST.  Hold on to this memory so you can bring it from the internal world to the outer world recognizing your true feeling of trust.  This is what is known as "Know Thyself."

People seem not to be in touch with their Higher Self.  This is the self that  guides us to choose what is best for us from a loving mind-set - Our Intuitive Self -  Never judging, always supportive, always loving us. 
But we need to listen to it.  The internal Higher Self does not yell at us for attention.   It is quiet, waiting to be asked.  Not like the lower self, the material self, that yells at us over the quiet sensation of the Higher Self.   The Higher Self is the quiet stillness of our center which is often lost to a loud, chattering, lower self.  This causes chaotic thought patterns and bad choices built on what the world thinks we should be deciding, and not what we FEEL should be. STOP.  STEP BACK.GO TO A HIGHER PLACE AND OBSERVE. (Like being at a play.  We are out in the audience, up in the balcony.  We are there to observe and support the player (s) but we do not take part in the play.) BE COMPASSIONATE.  BE THERE AS SUPPORT, BUT DO NOT TAKE PART IN THE OTHER PERSON'S SITUATION.  THEY HAVE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIFE NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY YELL AND SCREAM AT US PROJECTING THEIR OWN FEARS ON US WANTING DESPERATELY FOR US TO TAKE ON THEIR FEARS AND MAKE THEM OUR RESPONSIBILITY.   IF WE STEP IN AND DIRECT OR MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME THE PERSON WILL NOT LEARN THE LESSONS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LEARN. (It would be as if we came down from the balcony and went onto the stage directing the actors on how the outcome of the play should happen.  Ridiculous right?  The actors have reasons they are in the play and acting the parts they are. What right have we to change their parts?)

In 2009 I created this Newspaper Collage on Newsprint Paper - Title:  "Wisdom's Freedom"

How many times have we arrived at a decision that feels right and others tell us we are wrong?  Particularly if we are in a tense group interaction where people are heaping blame on one another.  People seem to be always running this way and that, never stopping to LISTEN to that inner voice - the Higher Self..  When a challenge arrises, everything is drama and traumatic.  We are listening to what our outside world says we should do - listening to others and accepting their judgment of us as our own truth, instead of what we know intrinsically what we should do for our self in the situation that we find ourselves.  Meditation teaches us to just SIT and BE.  As we sit, we breathe deeply, relaxing into a place of Peace and Balance.  Then we - LISTEN and learn our truth.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Rid of Monkey Chatter and Relaxing the Brain

During the months of March/April, 2011 I taught the course, "Meditation For The Rest of Us," at Rivier College in the RISE program  RISE is an abbreviation for Rivier Institute for Senior Education. My intention in giving the 5 week course was to introduce people to a few different meditation modalities.

Often I find that people get discouraged because they can't seem to focus and get the "monkey chatter" out of their heads while they try to meditate.  "Monkey Chatter" is the constant dialog that goes on in our heads that is very distracting when we just want to sit and be still.  So, what do you do?  Breathe in - slowly. Breathe out - slowly. Just Breathe. And Sit.  When your mind starts chattering again, come back to your breath.  Breathe in, Breathe out.  Sit. Let you hands relax.

OK, so you have more "Monkey Chatter." Come back to the breath. Feel your nose breathing in air, and letting it go.  Nothing else exists but the nose on your face.  When you get a "Monkey Chatter" thought, look at the thought, then let it go, come back to your nose.  Breathe in, Breathe out.

As you Breathe In scrunch up your toes, and let them go lax as you Breathe Out.  Now scruntch up your calf muscles on the intake, let go and relax on the out breath.  Scruntch up your thighs on the intake, relax on the out breath. Do the same for your pelvis, belly, chest, arms, neck, face, and top of head.  As you relax your head after scrunching up your brow, relax it on the out-breath.  Feel your body getting heavier and heavier, until you have no body, but a relaxed heavy weight that feels like it'll slip into the floor.

Breathe In and Breathe Out.  Every thought, look at it, let it go of the Monkey, get a heavier body, Breathe Out, relax even more until you feel like you are slightly floating.  Breathe In and Breathe Out until you feel very comfortable,  so relaxed, so good - and then, when you want to come back to the moment, scrunch all the parts of your body again, breathing in and out slowly, as you come back into your body and reality.

Keep remembering how it felt to be relaxed and in the moment with breath and body relaxed as you go through your day.  When things get crazy, take a moment, close your eyes,  relive the moment of relaxation, let your breath out, relax,. Now you are ready to take up the challenge in front of you as you hold the quiet moment from meditation within you.  Stop being nervous, yelling, arguing, moving, going around in circles -
Stop, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Remember the moment your body was the heaviest.  Keep coming back to that moment until you Relax, Breathe, Now go on with your life - calmly.

Every time you think you are going to lose it - Breathe In, Breathe Out and remember the moment of relaxation. That is the key. Your brain will hold onto that moment, your body will relax with the thought.of stillness and spirit will help you heal, for the moment.

Look at the picture.  This is a peaceful scene from Capri in Italy I took recently overlooking the bay.  If it helps, put this picture in your head, or some other picture that is relaxful.  Every time you think you are losing it, remember the picture. Breathe In the peacefulness of the picture, and Breathe Out any aggravation.  Keep breathing and remembering until you are as calm as the picture.  Now - continue with your day. Calmly.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Beginning

The Spirit River Journey, LLC came into manifestation when I had recently developed a non-secular program out of my history, art and spiritual background that teaches meditation and art therapy by using various methods of guided meditation, such as Angels on Assignment, the process of Shaman Journeying and Wisdom Teachings to help people understand the areas of their life that need attention.  We focus on these areas learning to replace dark areas with energy healing.  The guided meditation structure that I use, is by helping the student "do the work."  This "work" involves the following:  Breath, Concentration, Imagination, Affirmation, Visualization, Invocation, Purification and Illumination.  The objective of Meditation is to go within to the silence, become aware of Self and how this Self influences your Being within as without until both the outer and inner Selves are One. Once we are connected to the Source within then we can find joy and happiness no matter what is happening in our daily lives.   After our meditation, we discuss the symbols, colors, and messages given to us in our meditations.  These are translated into an art form:  jewelry, painting, wreaths, or some other art form fitted for the modality of meditation used.